Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Day

Getting ready to leave for church.

Taylor looking for eggs at there Grandma's annual easter egg hunt. About 2 hours after this she said her head and throat hurt and had a fever. Jason took her to the doc in the box and guess what.... Strep throat. Man, this girl has had it all this last month. Poor thing.
Zoe checking out what she got at her nanny and gookies. Mariposa! She was so excited.

Egg Dyeing

Thursday we decorated eggs at mom's. I had to work this weekend so this night worked best. The girls had a good time and the eggs were pretty.

Rileigh slept during most of the dying time but she came in at the end for a picture with her egg.
Dustin got a little thirsty so he had to drink the dye. YUMMO

Happy Birthday Danielle

We had a surprise party for Danielle's 30th bday last friday. I think it turned out nice. She had no idea. But considering it was a month late how could she have known. hehe

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pillowcase Dress

Finally I made my first pillowcase dress. I have been wanting to make one for a while. I think this turned out ok for my first one. I only took me 2.5 hours.

New Soccer Player

Here is Taylor in her soccer uniform. She will be playing for
the Rockets. She is very excited. Love those pink shingaurds!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Sorry no pictures lately. Taylor and Jason have been sick all week. So far Zoe and I are avoiding whatever is going around. Hopefully we will not get whatever they have.