Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Taylor' s 8th bday

I didn't realize I hadn't put pics in from Taylor's 8th bday. Like I said before I am the worst blogger. She had a good day. We had a party at justice (store for girls) for a couple of her friends. They got there hair and makeup done and had a lot of fun. Then we had a big bash at home with family. ( this is her favorite type of party, the bigger the better). Mom always gets her a bday dress ( top left). We got her a nice mountain bike and jason is going to take her on the trails. ( we will see how long that lasts after her first big fall)

Taylor's first day of school

My big girl is going in to third grade...
I can't believe it. Time just flies by. She did her own hair and wanted no help from me. Sniff Sniff
I made her blueberry muffins, Ido this every year on the first day of school. They love them. The other pics are her just posing with her new outfit (thanks nan) and her new book bag.


Taylor has been asking to go to jamestown for months. Finally we were able to go the other day, right before the start of school. It was nice. They had fun. Rileigh slept most of the time so i don't have any pics of her.

Hilton Head in August

Yes, I am the worst blogger in the world!!
We went to HH with mom and dad again this year. What a great week. Nice weather (only rained one day). We saw lots of alligators this year. Zoe had a great time in the sand at the beach (i can't get the sand out of her bathing suits). Taylor got Gregg Russell to sign a movie she bought ( he is this guy who sings under a tree for the kids everynight). The last day when we were getting out of the ocean Zoe got stung by a jellyfish, this is one picture. It got both legs. I never saw it but it must have been a beast because you can still see it on both legs and it has been like 3 weeks. Poor baby