Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Time for our annual camping trip at Christy and Larry's, a.k.a. Puddywood. Of course we had a great time. Taylor and Zoe couldn't get enough of the 4 wheelers. Taylor actually drove it by herself (thanks tyler!) My cousin Scott will be contributing to the Burger Clan in july with a new baby girl so we had a shower for him. We were hoping for a surprise but it is hard to keep it quiet and he found out. But, let me say it is so funny giving a guy a baby shower. They are so different than girls. He was a trooper though and got lots of good stuff to help out in his adventure of fatherhood. The top pic is all the younger cousins.

Kacey and Andy

My cousin Kacey got married in Nags Head. What a beautiful week. The wedding day was wonderful. Thanks for a great time!!

Zoe hat parade

This is the hat parade at zoe's school. They sang a little song and walked around. she has one year left at dppk then off to dutrow.

Daisy Duke

Daisy turned 9 years old this may 1st. She is hanging in there and healthy for the most part. What a wonderful girl.

Blueberry Gap Farm

it was a beautiful day out so we went to BBGF for the day. the girls had a great time. it was packed with tons of kids. They got to feed the horses and deer. I through in that peacock pic because he is so pretty


Taylor is taking soccer this spring. Actually, since i am so slow at updating my blog, the season is almost over. She is doing good for her first time. She got hit in the face a few games ago and now is very timmid. I hope she overcomes this soon.