Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taylor's Surgery

Taylor had her tonsills out monday July 7th. She did very well. Tuesday she hurt alot, i think that was our worst day. Friday she got thrush (more medicine). She didn't eat much until the next monday. She is so skinny. Finally she is eating and feeling pretty normal. Glad that is over with. Hopefully no more strep throat ;)

Nags Head

We went on our yearly trek to Nags Head with Jason's family this year. Zoe loves the beach. Everyday she would wake up and beg to go. We went to the N.C. aquarium this year ( the last pic). It was small but nice, the girls had fun.
Merilyn bought Lilly and Rileigh a swing for our house. THANKS!! This is Rileigh's first time in it. She loved it. Oh Yeah, check out Zoe's boots. She loves them and always wears them, even after a dip in the pool.
Tony, Carol and family came to visit. We had a nice few days. Here Taylor, Zoe, Mike and Nicole are getting tan after a swim.