Tuesday, November 04, 2008


My little devil and genie. Aren't they cute. Uncle Brian handing out candy at grandma's.
We went to Merilyn's to see Lilly. What a cutie... piglet. Taylor and Zoe both used this costume in years past. She did not want her picture taken so I just snapped shots as they ran around outside.

Keeping up with tradition... Jake, Sheena, Lexi, Bianca and Nana came over for trick or treat. We had a great time. The girls looked great.

Last we went to mom's after trick or treating. We got to see Rileigh in her bat costume. Zoe was exhausted and Taylor went to a party with YaYa until after 11pm... party animal;)

Pumkin Carvin

Mom and Merilyn came over for pumkin carving before halloween. it was fun...Zoe drew her own design, think it is supposed to be a cat. the witch is taylor's, jason's is the rip and i did the boo one.

Zoe's halloween parade at school

Mom, Jason, Rileigh and I went to Zoe's school for a halloween parade. Usually this is outside but this year it was very cold so they had it in the chapel. While waiting for the kids Rileigh and Jason had a major breakthrough...she was not terrified of him (usually she crawls away crying when she sees him) they actually hung out and she touched him multiple times

More camping pics

People even dressed up there animals... too funny I thought this idea was funny.. it is an outhouse

Here is one of the golf carts.. people had them all done up... crome rims.. dvd players and screens that hang from the roof.. fancy paint jobs like below.. it was crazy.. man i want one.

Camping in Virginia Beach

We went camping with friends this weekend. It rained and was ugly out all weekend but the kids had a great time...Taylor and Zoe dressed up for the trick or treat at the campground. Most of the campsites were decorated. we rented a golf cart to ride around on... everyone has one, it is too funny.. then we decorated it (see below). the kids had so much fun on it.
decorating the golf cart for halloween

Nicole and Dalton

Taylor, Zoe, Jordan and Bryce walking to play games... it was raining so the games were inside and crowded... they had fun though

Hunt Club Farm

Today we had a great time at the pumkin patch. The girls got to feed goats and pet lots of other animals. They went horse back riding. Taylor brought her friend Breeze.. we went on a hay ride, that's the pic of rob, dani and rileigh. And of course at the end of the day the girls got there pumpkins.

Ocean City

We went on our yearly weekend to ocean city... had fun. A little rainy but tolerable. It was warm enough for the girls to swim but the water was very rough. Rileigh had fun and the picture below of her is right after a wave came and soaked her... no worries... she just kept playing and eating the sand. Man, i love this place:)

The Today Show

The Today Show came to Williamsburg today... the girls and I got up and were there at 0600 in the morning. Sad thing is we were up front by the capital building and this man told us the crowd was down on Duke of Glouchester Street. We went there and there was a ton of people, couldn't see anything.... finally we gave up and went to the car. On the way we past the capital building again and Matt Lauer was doing the show right where we were standing in the beginning. By now there were lots of people here as well so we still couldn't see much.. boo hoo.. at least it was a little adventure and the girl had fun at there first political rally... if you can call it that;)

Andrea and Tony's Wedding

My cousin Andrea got married... here are some pics from the wedding. We had a great time. The girls danced until everyone was gone... then we cleaned up the mess. Rileigh had fun playing under the table.

Cute Random Pictures

Zoe's first day of school

Still at Denbigh Presbyterian... 3rd and final year. She is doing great and loves school