Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daisy's makeover

Zoe came home from school the other day and wanted to give Daisy a makeover... she had it all planned and when that child gets something in her mind it is hard to change it. First we painted daisy's nails then she put her headband on.. then she had a purse around her neck, then a massage and finally a kiss for being so good. Daisy hardly moved the whole time.. i think she is the best and most patient dog in the world.

Taylor's wax museum at school

Taylor was Juan Ponce de Leon for the wax museum at school... she did very well telling all her info to the class

Jason's Bday

Jason turned the big 39 this year... it was so nice out that we had a last minute cookout instead of going to a restaurant... so nice and we made a fire and had smores to top off the evening!


Jason opening his world tour guitar hero.... i think we surprised him! The girls in their christmas dresses
Daisy's new collar... How Classy

Christmas Eve... new pj's

Disney - december 08

The girls in their princess outfits in the hotel before getting their makeovers After the Bippity Boppity Boutique... with Rileigh outside Cinderella's castle
THe girls outside the hotel

When we went to Disney last time.. Taylor was 4 and Zoe was 1, we got their pictures taken and they are mounted on these big stone things outside Epcot forever. The picture of the girls is the 3rd row down and 3rd across... Dani and Dad got theirs done too they are right next to Tay and Zoe

Alice in wonderland and the girls

Thanksgiving and Rileigh's bday

Rileigh eating her cake Taylor and Zoe at Rileigh's first bday party
Lilly buttering the rolls on thanksgiving.... eating it too, YUMMO

Grandma and the great grand kids.. minus payton.. she was too upset

grandma and zoe at a wonderful thanksgiving dinner at dani's house

Zoe turns five... Nov. 15th 2008

The top picture is the birthday dress mom bought for zoe... she lets the girls pick there own dress out for their bday.. thanks nanny. this is zoe's tinkerbell cake i made for her..


SO, i hear from some friends at work that they are tired of seeing my little genie and devil... they said i should update this blog... sorry about the delay. HERE GOES ;-)