Monday, May 11, 2009


This year for easter we had a slight change in plans. My grandma in wva was sick and we needed to go see her. Even though we went up there for a sad reason, we actually had a good time. We visited grandma but stayed at my aunt heather's house. it was just like easter at home. we dyed eggs, the easter bunny came and we went to church.. The bonus was getting to see all our family in Hagerstown. We don't ever get to come for easter. It was a great time and great food. It was nice spending time with my dad's family while seeing my grandma. The girls were spoiled this year because they had an easter egg hunt there too (thanks cindy and nick!). Unfortunately my grandma died the next week. I am so thankful we came to see her one last time and had quality time with her before she passed.

Looking for eggs
Sara, Taylor, Zoe and Pacey eating lunch

everyone preparing to run for the easter egg hunt

Taylor and Zoe dancing in the sun

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