Monday, May 11, 2009

Zoe's new hairdo

For my bday Zoe decided to cut her hair all off one side.. She also gave multiple barbies and polly pockets haircut too. I am still finding piles of hair in her room and it has been a week. This is one corner of her room, she also had hair in the bathroom and Taylor's room. Did I mention she was already on scissor restriction for cutting a hole in her jeans??

This picture doesn't begin to show how much she cut off.

Her new haircut.. The hairdresser gave her bangs and thinned out the right side. She had already thinned out the left side herself.. haha

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Candy said...

I love it! Scissor restrictions! You are too funny. Wonder who she takes after? Don't forget to post the different Daisy pictures for us.